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Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut Lite

Sound Quality

I'm mainly a rythym guitarist and play a lot of older punk and garage influenced rock (ramones, clash, stooges, MC5 etc). For that I play into a Peavey 2-12 aka "The Classic" not the I want to be a Fender tweed one, but the black tolex, aluminum panels, and the cheasey metallica looking Peavey Logo. So it has tubes, but the worst solid state pre-amp you've ever heard, for distortion anyway. Clean tones are kind of nice. I also run a Turborat because someone left it at my house years ago, and I never got around to getting another distortion pedal. I also have a Fender tweed Blues JR that I plug straight into for a more raw garage tones or blues tones. The pickups are quiet compared to p-90's. The neck pickup with medium gain on the amp or the pedal makes the best sounds ever. I love it. For minor penitonic blues stuff you can crank up the gain and get a nice sweet smooth fat tone, but chords are like mud. The bridge pickup makes the guitar sounds thin and not very Gibson like. I don't know anyone who likes P-100's and now I see why. I will definatley be upgrading to a P-90. The classic punk stuff I play sounds okay with the bridge pickup and the Peavey, a very early ramones or clash like tone is really easy to get. With a better rig with more EQ options you could probably make the bridge pickup sound better, but it's a lot of work. If I had a lot of money I would just buy an Epiphone with humbuckers and use this guitar for Ska, Reggae, and Blues.


I've heard that the necks break fairly easy, but that's true for a lot of Gibsons, so I wouldn't say that's a big deal. I'm sure with normal playing it would last a long time, but it's probably not a guitar that could take a lot of punishment. The finish seems thick and hardy and should last a very long time. I would never play a show without a backup guitar because stuff happens, but I wouldn't lose sleep over something breaking on the guitar other then strings. The varnish on the headstock is slightly cracking, but I think that was due to someone installing replacement tuners and doing a piss poor job, so it might not be fair to blame Gibson on that one.

General Comments

I've got 15 years of playing seriously and have owned dozens of guitars ranging from a 20 dollar swap meet special to a 2,000 dollar Paul Reed Smith. I also had a Les Paul Studio. This guitar is very affordable, especially on the used market. These were never the most popular guitars, but that's why they appeal to me. It's more comfortable to play then the Les Paul Studio because of the neck and the weight. The DC's seem to have the perfect balance to them. The worst feature is definatley the bridge pickup, and as much as I love the neck pickup it doesn't make up for it. But it may be my gear and how I set my knobs also. If I tweaked with the height of the pup and tried some other stuff it might sound okay. I would be much happier with a standard humbucker in the bridge though. If I lost this guitar I would definatley try to find a similar model with different pickups. I won't ever buy a guitar with P-100's in them again unless it's uber cheap and worth the trouble and expense of a pickup swap.

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