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Sound Quality

The sounds on this thing are superb. I HATE most digital equipment, but I never feel like fingernails are being scratched across a chalkboard when I listen to this. The sounds are very useful. They have added a great deal to one part of "my sound". It beats by far Digitech, Rocktron, Zoom and other similar products. I have bought a lot of those and have already sold them all. My A2 and A3 stay after years and years. Although I have never compared them head to head, I can't imagine the elite models like Lexicon being much, if any better. As others have stated below, the compressor is bad. That's when this thing gives up the ghost and you know it's digital.Turn the compressor off and use a floor compressor or another rack compressor. Combined with other pedals this thing is great, too! I run it through tube and solid states. Boogies, Fenders, and bass amps. Run it out to two amps and the stereo effects fill the air with all the psychedelia you could want! Direct in works well, too. Sometimes, this is all you need! Distortions run from very unique, cool and useful to so so. But they are more options on the palatte. All the other effects are great!


It has lasted over 10 years. 15? Just need to change the battery by unscrewing the body. About 10 or 15 screws--a bit of a hassle! Be careful not to strip the screws! Don't tighten them all the way!

General Comments

This is a great effects processor, one of the best I guess. Glowing reviews everywhere you look--unchanging even as time wears on. Both for this and the A3. I own a couple of both! Wish I had an A1, too--a kind of Holy Grail for me.


The A3 is more guitar oriented. The A2 has more general natural sets which I use for my "studio environments". Everything sounds good through it. There are also cards with different sounds you can use. I have the Studio Card and the Keyboard Card (can be used on both A2 and A3). The studio card has a great number of reverb environments. The studio card is mostly enhancing type programs to fill out digital keyboard sounds. Kind of cool at times on guitar--especially Strats!


Both this and some classic Korg keyboards (M1 and O1/W series)were made around the same time. Don't know if they were really related, but I remember hearing that some of the guys from ESONIC came over and the company was cooking when these were made!


And I'm proud to own these and my O1/W keyboards! I would certainly buy any Korg products from that era as soon as I would get any of the latest things on the market.

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