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Sound Quality

Sound quality is amazing, if you dig vintage late 70's or early 80's distortion this pedal gets the tone. In bypass mode it's very quiet. There's a little bit of hiss when engaged, but that's pretty much the norm for analog distortion pedals, and it's not noticeble when playing.


Considering that most of these pedals are pushing 30 years old and still going is a testament to their reliablility. Cast metal casing and a switch, can't really beat it. It's literally built like a tank!

General Comments

I'm a big fan of vintage pedals and own a good variety of them. I love this pedal! There's no boost, so for a lot of modern players that's a deal breaker. It doesn't get sweet, creamy, saturated overdrive tone on it's own (it might be able to push a tube amp there though, I don't have a big enough tube amp to test that out on) but it is warm analog sounding. It can be brutal and in your face when cranked.

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