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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

first, there's a ge-7 behind mt-2 in the chain, to clear up some nasty harmonics and the eq is always on. this rating is based on the entire chain, not only the pedal itself. so, before modding this one by default - even though the mods sound great - consider getting the EQ. you'll get plenty more sonic options with an eq pedal than with simple (or not so simple) mod. unless the mod is the only thing you need. anyway.

without eq, the mt-2 is just sligthtly less good, but with an EQ and jcm 800 2203 marshall half-stack (low input channel) it sounds absolutely fantastic. i've tried it with gibson sg and aluminum neck ECG series one guitar (with P90s i think) and with both everything goes through, not a single note masked or diminished in any way, and distortion's sound is pure gold.



General Comments

it's not only '80s shredder metal one trick pony. if you want gut shaking, long sustaining, massive distortion - this could just be it, but with right side equipment (guitar, amp, eq, whatnot). it's not a beehive, it doesn't buzz and i can't recall any kind of noise being generated by the pedal. am i just lucky or honeymooning or both, time will tell, but here and now - it stays.

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