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Mike Ayles

Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp

Sound Quality

This is a blues amp, pure and simple. The clean channel sounds simply fabulous. I compared it to everythning, from cheap Fenders and Marshalls to the most expensive Mesa\Boogie I could find. For blues, nothing came close. The sound is absolutely beautiful, a real "singing" tone. It sounds really sweet, and has tons of bass. I usually have the bass set on 3 because it's so powerful. The distortion channel is hardly versatile, but it does what it does very well. All you can expect from this amp is light blues distortion, but it sounds REALLY great. There is a hardly any background noise. I was playing it alongside my friend's Fender Pro 185, and you couldn't compare the amount of noise coming out. It does get worse if you're near, say, a running fan, but it's generally very good.


I haven't had it for three days yet. I liked the sound so much that I posted right away.

General Comments

This is the best investment that I have EVER made! This amp sounds truly beautiful. It is a blues player's dream-come-true. I would buy this amp again at twice the price. It would be nice if you could do more with the distortion, but the overall sound more than makes up for the lack of versatility.

The best part about this amp is that it sounds fantastic with my old gear. My cheap Les Paul ripoff sounds as good through this amp as my friend's Strat Plus does (let that be a lesson - use humbuckers with this amp!), and my little DOD distortion covers all the distortion that I can't get from the drive channel.

I'm probably biased, since my old Peavey was SO INCREDIBLY BAD, but I can't believe how good I sound through this amp. If you wan't clean blues tone, look no further!

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