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Sound Quality

I love to Wah-wah, and I love this pedal. For clean sounds, it's fantastic. For distortion, it's not quite as good, I find that it doesn't always do anything to high solo notes. Of course, that's when you run it BEFORE the distortion. Placed AFTER distortion, it wahs everything. And, of course, there's that cool disco muting thing. This pedal has what it takes. A whole separate use is to use it as a filter. I find that if I leave it in the forward position (lots of highs), it gives me a great classic rock distortion, very bright. While it sounds good (a huge improvement if you have a cheap amp), it does create a LOT of background noise when used this way. Also, I find that filtering clean tones like this makes it unbearably bright. A lot of people have complained about the static, or scratching in the potentiometer. I have used a wah-wah with this problem, and it's very loud and VERY annoying. This particular one is fine, but I KNOW that it won't last much longer (I can hear the background noise when I use headphones)


Couldn't tell you - I didn't own it, I only borrowed it for about three weeks. Eventually, I'm sure it will become staticy.

General Comments

This is a great sounding pedal. I love using it clean, and it does add a certain flavor to distortion. The filtering is great, if noisy. I want to buy one myself, but I'm worried about the problem with the pot. I suppose I should check out the alternatives. In the meantime, I think it's great.

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