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Sound Quality

There is a little bit of hiss when the unit is on, but what do you expect from a distortion pedal? When it's off, it's completely silent. I like the sound a lot, you can get some great rhythm distortions from it. If you want to play power chords, this thing can shred. Sounds a LOT better when the volume is a little past "parents are home" levels. You can get a lot of alternative distortion settings, I don't find as much use for them now. There are, however, a few settings that are just plain weak, not good for anything.


This pedal is practically made out of cast-iron. You could pitch this thing down fifteen flights of stairs, pick it up and start playing. I would trust it with my life.

General Comments

It's a pretty good pedal, if you want powerful but not devastating distortion. I probably wouldn't buy it again, but that's because I've changed playing styles. Whereas I used to play mostly alternative stuff, I've found my true calling in the blues. For alternative, though, it kicks ass. You can get some really evil tones out of it. Especially good for low-end, power chord distortion. For blues, it just doesn't stand a chance. Instead, I'd probably try out a blues driver or a tubescreamer. It all depends on what you want. If this is your first stomp box, then go for it.

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