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Ronny Haakonsen

Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Well, I`ve played for 20 years now, and I demand the best from my equipment, as I`ve done som sessionwork, studio etc. I use only pro cables etc. My setup consist mostly of: Two Carvin electrics. A Bolt-t strat-type with wilkinson trem and a DiMarzio FRED humbucker in bridge pos. single coils are carvins excellent AP-11`s. The other one is a Dc-200c "superstrat" with active electronics, M-22T/N humbuckers and Floyd trem. These goes into a Crybaby wah->Marshall ED-1 compressorpedal->Ernie ball volume pedal before going into the JMP-1. In the loop is a TC-electronics G-Major eff.proc. and occationally a Digitech IPS33b harmonizer. I run the output of the Marshall into a silverfaced Mesa/Boogie 20/20 EL-84 driven poweramp which i magnificent in tone and dynamics. This is all run thru a Marshall 1936 2x12" cab loaded with celestions G12M-25w-greenbacks in a stereo configuration. I`d like to comment those people who are neglecting this product as a real tube preamp: You are full of crap! I`ve played everything there is, from Matchless to boogie, Fender to Bad-cat and THD. But ONE thing some of you guys is forgetting, and this IS important, and that is that you need GOOD tubes in there to give you the tone you want! I`ve believed in this product from Marshall, but the chinese tubes that originally was there, wasn`t good enough to really make this unit shine! I`ve put the best tubes there is in my JMP-1, Mullards Ecc83, and Guess what? Fenderish cleans with sparcle and dynamics do die for, and The best Distortions I`ve ever heard from a tube-pre ever.! I can play a full chod, and the notes just jumps out fully separated and kicks me over! And the leads, well, its full, rich, harmonics, sustain forever.. And it lies in the heart of the amp. The tubes! The effects is perfectly "blended" is it never "interfers" with the rich tones from the Mullards. This gives me a large soundscape, with tones to die fro which I`ve only heard from amps like class A Matchless and Vox. Maybe because of my EL-84 output stage. The tone controls reacts much more now, the differences in amount of gain makes a huge matter. It`s very sensitive to small changes. Not like The chinese which made almost no differences. People who cannot get the Mullards could try out the East German RTF Ecc83 as those have similar caracteristics... Summary: The four channels are enough to make every sound you want if you`ve got the right tubes..


Well..Had it for ten years! No problem, ever!!

General Comments

I chose this pre-amp as it was perfect for my kind of playing: Vast music styles, from jazzy cleans to Prog-rock full gain leads. All intant there thru my MIDI controlled setup.

I`ve tried a lot of stuff, and pre`s. And everything depends on onr thing..The heart and soul in a tube amp... The tubes!

The most critical tonestage in an amp is the first tubes the signal meets in the preamp. Get balanced phase-inverters and drivers in you poweramp and you`re set.

I don`t miss a thing, It`s all there, from Brian May to Eric Clapton and John Scofield to Joe Satriani...all with the musical feedback. The note just jumps out towards you, in which demands that you cannot cheat your skills away, everthing is heard..So if you are a good player, you`re set!

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