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Sound Quality

I use 2 stratos (american standard and a japanese Ritchie Blackmore). I use a Marshall AVT150H, Marshall Jackhammer, Digitech Whammy, Boss Compressor, Boss super pitch shifter, Boss turbo distortion,line 6 dl4, mxr phase 90, mxr auto Q, Dunlop wha, dunlop uni-vibe, ernie ball volume pedal. I plug the pedal into a rocktron patch mate and I use anArt midi controller. This is the worst pedal i have on my pedal board by far. The effect is very poor and I've been using the phase 90 instead of this (i know that they are different monsters by the mother is the same so we can find some points in common)


No problems until now

General Comments

i play rock and funk some times. If you are lookin for a real flanger you should try the new BF3. I never plaued with it but I heard a few greats souns at the roland's site.

Forget this one. Waste of time and money.

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