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Sound Quality

The guitar sounds freakin awesome!! I am a huge Jack White fan and wanted a close replica of his guitar. With the vintage voiced single coils eastwood offers, the Jack White vibe is definitely there. Eastwood claims to have opened up the old Airline pickups to replicate the pickups. And it sounds like they did a great job! Even if you don't care for Jack White's music/tone this guitar is wonderful for blues, rock, country, you name it. Oh and it's a great guitar for slide. Id just finished playing my Gretsch Power Jet and then picked this up and the difference was clear. The Airline sounded and felt better with the slide.


Can't speak for this, but it feels like a well built, sturdy guitar.


General Comments

This is a wonderful guitar. It looks and feels great. It's incredibly comfortable sitting or standing. I'm going to have to seriously look into some of Eastwood's other guitars. I sure as hell don't NEED anymore guitars but I am very impressed with this one!

Reviewer's Background

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