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Sound Quality

I mainly play my Ibanez JEM through this device, and since some time my 7 string Ibanez 1527. Like I said, the sounds I'm getting are very satisfying. The big "secret" to sounding convincing with direct recording: dont rely on the Tubeman2 alone. I use EQ in my recording software (Logic Audio), sometimes some compression, and sometimes a very short reverb, with all the high frequencies cut off. This makes the sound come more "to life". The result really sounds like a miced cab, with a big head on top of it stuffed with tubes. Seriously!


It just sits on my desk. What could happen (other than the possibility that I spill my tea over it)? Plus, and this is such a cliche that can be read in nearly every review of any German device: "It's German, so it's built like a tank." Cliche, but the truth. And this is based on the looks and feel of this device alone.

General Comments

I've been playing the guitar for 6.5 years or so. I currently own a Digitech 2112, Mesa 20/20 and a Marshall 1960 cab. The Digitech is a nice all round preamp/fx device, you can check my review of this device here: http://www.harmony-central.com/Effects/Data/DigiTech/2112-01.html

However, the Tubeman beats the 2112's preamp.


I would definately buy the Tubeman2 again if it was stolen.


If you wonder how the Tubeman2 can sound direcly, just drop me an email and I can send you one of my recordings.

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