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Boss GE-7 Equalizer Pedal

Sound Quality

I use this through my effects loop...I don't detect any hiss running it like this... This thing really helped me out...I'm kind of stuck with my current amp due to financial restraints (I'm not gonna buy another amp until I can get what I really want)...my current amp has a terrible high pitched sound in the drive channel that can't be dialed out with the on board eq...I've had good luck getting the frequencies I didn't like out of my tone and zeroing in on the ones I want with this thing...which is what an EQ is for! Since I'm mostly dropping frequencies out, my amp volume dropped too...no problem: I just bumped the level control up a notch.


Boss products are well built...this one is no different...if you leave it on all the time like I do, it will eat batteries...use the ac adaptor if you can...

General Comments

As mentioned, this thing can help you get more out of the amp you already own by getting rid of unwanted frequencies and enhancing the ones you like...at least that's what I use it for and it works great.

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