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Sound Quality

The sound goes perfect with the styles I play from rock to blues to jazz and even funk. I use mainly Marshall Valvestate. This combination makes the guitar sound very full but versatile (contrary to what I had expected). Having more guitars to my availability, I use this particular guitar when I want to have the effect of "wall of guitar" sound: heavy amp overdrive, delay, eventually phaser. I have not changed pick ups or anything and I am very happy with the way it sounds from the beginning. The volume and tone knobs are not very well balanced but I use them as "on" or "off" anyway.


I have this guitar now for nearly 18 years. Still all hardware is original and still rocks as good if not better than when I bought it. Only remark is that due to playing a lot frets started bit by bit wearing off and meanwhile I could consider refretting to be able to get some better action. It is still pretty good considering what the guitar has gone through. Guitar also fell several times and got knocks here and there. If not for the D string, I'd use it without a backup (and did for several years). Never let me down and will never I guess.

General Comments

Before this one I had a stratocaster clone that sounds like the real thing but plays really difficult. After this one I got another Epi Les Paul. Having another one I noticed how heavy this one sounds (even in weight it is lighter). If it were stolen I would not be able to by this one again because I think it just doesn't exist but I would try to. Maybe because it is not the perfect clone (too thin and light) it gives a particular sound that I like in this guitar. Something between Les Paul and SG? This guitar sounds very much alive meaning it seems to have a soul typical of older instruments. To get that, your instrument should get that old. So if you want to buy an Epiphone Les Paul: make sure you played it before you buy it because there are lots of differences between each guitar. And even then, you'll never know if it is that rock solid.

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