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Tom -PWcTv

roland Cube 80X 80W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

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Update for my previous post just below.

There is a trick to this amp which is very important to understand if you wish to get the best out of it.


The tone controls are much much different than the Cube60, even for the same amp models. You can't just copy the Cube60 settings and expect it to be the same on the Cube80x...it won't. The tone controls work in a different way than the Cube60...or any amplifiers I've ever used. Normally you set the different tone controls on an amp somewhere between 5 and 10 (half to full on) and each one just influences itself. You set the bass, then the mids, then the treble. Easy.

With the Cube80x you need to roll everything right off...to 0...and then creep them up VERY slowly. The 'right' setting may well be somewhere around 1 or 2, and even a tiny turn further 'loses' it. And how one knob is set affects how the other ones work. Set the bass low and the mids control works one way...set the bass higher and you get a different 'sweep' on the mids. This gives you an enormous range of control over the tone of each model, and when you do find the 'best' sound you may find you have a pretty strange EQ arrangement compared to other amps. You just have to take the time to find it.

I'm still experimenting, but the best setting for the Blackface model seems to be bass and mids both down around 2 and treble at 4. The DeluxeCombo model seems to like the bass right off at 0 and the mids and treble way up near full. And so on.

Also, the way the gain control affects the sound varies from model to model, and can be an important part of getting the right sound. The Blackface model needs a lot.

I've not sussed the high gain models yet, but I've not really tried. Not my thing.


It's a strange way to design an amp since it's a bit awkward, and you may not find it possible to channel switch unless you happen to find an amp model that shares a good EQ setup with the JC Clean, but the point is, you CAN get some incredibly good sounds out of this amp on several of the models. Gig-worthy sounds that 'feel' right.


I'm getting more and more pleased that I bought this amp.


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