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Tom -PWcTv

roland Cube 80X 80W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I got this to replace the Cube60 I've had for several years. The Cube60 has a great plug-in-and-play clean sound on the JC setting and the Blackface setting...I basically ignored the rest of the amp other than a bit of delay now and then. But there was a sort of roughness to the sound on the treble/upper mids when I'd 'dig in' a bit. I saw this Cube80x in a shop last week and I gave it a go. Immediately I could tell that the JC setting was not the same as the Cube60's, but I was able to dial in some good sounds...and that high-end roughness wasn't there. Got it home and did some A/Bing, and a couple of gigs, and there pros and cons. Cons... Heavier. Onboard tuner totally useless. JC channel no longer usable (sounds cheap and tranny now). Blackface setting not as good either. High gain settings are complete crap compared to the Cube60. Pros... Has a solo button you can preset. There is more control over the delay, and it's separate from the reverb. There is a new Deluxe amp model which can be dialed in to a wonderfully useable all-round sound. The Tweed model is also much better. The high end 'roughness' is gone and when dialed in to a good sound there is a nice touch-sensitive tube-like smoothness right across the tonal spectrum.


Seems very solid.


General Comments

Played since 1969 and I've gigged extensively in a variety of bands. I also own a Fender Blues Junior and a Fame GTA-15 15w tube amp and I tend to use them miced into the PA for gigs. Done so for years.


The Cube60 this is replacing was a great little amp for home playing and also for low volume gigs. I'd just find one nice clean setting and use that. I was content with it for that purpose but I did find that transistor-like breakup on the treble a bit off putting.

This Cube80x in some ways is a worse amp than the Cube60. Pity they bolloxed that nice JC sound. The 'metal' settings are a joke compared to the Cube60, but as I don't use them anyway I don't care. But the Deluxe and Tweed settings are an improvement on anything the Cube60 has and can be dialed in to some sounds that on their own make it worth buying the amp for alone. And there's the improved delay control as well. Last night I plugged straight in with a Tokai 335 copy and played a fairly loud gig going from ballads to country to blues to old rock and roll...and it 'felt' good the way a nice little tube amp does. That upper-mid/treble grittiness is gone and lead tones 'sing'.


So rating it on the basis of the whole amp that they designed and are advertising it as...I'd give it a 4 or 5.


But if I'd come across an amp of any sort for 365 euro (it was on special) that only gave me either of the 2 settings I do like...the Deluxe and the Tweed....and did nothing else, I'd be very pleased and think myself lucky. And give it a 10.


So I'll split the difference.

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