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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Use solid body guitars. Danelectro doubleneck and Paul Reed Smith 1994 CE24. This was the best guitar amp for sound I ever had. Had some tube freaks tell me it was a lousy sound, but you have to love the sound yourself to be happy. Previously had Twin Fenders, Vox AC15, Mesa Boogie Rectifier, plus other low name amps. But this was the killer. My main sound was the Clean Compression sound that came out. Plus the distortion was the greatest, My Tone sound was dialed in and of course it takes some dialing in to get what you want.


Issue with the amp is that it's not a gigging amp. It's great for leaving the amp at practice. Too much jarring around and something comes loose. With my 1st amp within a year I lost my sound to where I could only use the presets. Warrenty with Guitar Center and they sent me a check and I was able to keep the amp and I got another AD50. Within 16 months, this time the sound was cutting out at high volumes. Guessing the soldering must of came loose. This time they are wanting me to send the unit and then they will send a check out. Bottom line, you need a backup if you gig alot.

General Comments

Been playing for 28 years.

This time I'm buying the Vox Custom Classic AC30CCH.

I'm a little leery about this cuz it's from China, plus I've read the reviews on it, so I'm taking a chance.

But I really loved the AD50. I was going to buy the Valvetronix AD100VTH but I'm afraid that they may discontinue the model and if they do that then I would have to eventually upgrade to a different model like what I'm doing now. But The AC30CCH looks like it may have features that I may be able to dial in. I may have to use a distortion on this puppy and use a compression box. We'll See.

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