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Fender Strat Pak with Frontman 15G Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

MUSIC:GAHHHH the sound is fuckin shit!!! ... i play metal, bullet for my valentine, metallica, avenged ect ect.. and the pick ups ar very bad... they are... poppy and screachy and makes an iritating buzz when u have it on the 1st selection AMP: the thing i got with it... 4 some reason the distortion has began 2 fade.. i dont know y :'( SOUND:its good untill u start wanting 2 perform and stuff... or learn crazyier stuff...its a great starter guitar.. lasted me 2 yrs LIKES: nothin really... to get a pinch out of it is like trying 2 fight shadows...they just rnt there..and when u get them... they arent loud or nothin DISLIKES: its a good starter.. but DEFINITELY not a stage guitar..


reliability...hmm the input jack has started 2 screw up.. u cant pinch on it, goes out of tune like u wouldnt believe it wont withstand live stuff... its a starter guitar... and the pickups and string twang mess it up the finish is excellent and i have had it 3 yrs.. played it fully 4 bout 2 but.. its only got a few dents in it i would MAYBE use it as a backup... but i defiantly wouldnt use it to gig


General Comments

i been playin 4 yrs.. upgrading very soon.. thank god... its a starter guitar.. nothin more..if it were stolen or lost.. i would be pissed off as its my first guitar and was a present.. but i wouldnt replace it... i cant really compare it because its just a starter.. and alot of guitars are better then it..



a DEFINITE good starter... but when u start a band and want 2 gig and play better music.. upgrade... good guitar.. if it had better pickups and less string twang it would be a very nice guitar

Reviewer's Background

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