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Greg Wilson

Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

This is where it gets bad, realy bad. I bought one used before really doing some reading up on it at HC,interent, and various tube and amp sites out there. I feel like a fool for buying the JMP-1 one because as a previous reviewer(my hats off to you) said it was a smoke show blow job. Ain't that the truth. It sounds like a big muff pedal in rack form. Way too much money for an effects pedal! I got ripped off big time. Lucky for me I sold it right away. http://peaveyrockmaster.tripod.com/rockmaster/id2.html This site gets past all the hype. I wish I would've saw it before I bought the dumb thing.


I got rid of it, so I don't know.

General Comments

I play classic rock all the way up to new metal, but this can't help me at all. I am very dissappointed in it. I am also dissappointed in myself for falling for the Marshall Smoke Show HYPE. I feel I;ve been sold a bottle of snake oil for $450. link to site about peavey rockmaster.




I think I'll try the rockmaster next. At least it's a true valve preamplifier. How can Marshall fit all the Marshalls in one pre-amp? They can't but they'd sure like you to believe they can.


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