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Sound Quality

This pedal is designed for guitar although it is favoured by bass players like myself who want that classic flea, funky envelope filter sound. I know for a fact that flea used this pedal, so that shows you that it is something. It does sound ok by itself, but when you are playing in a band it is unusable. It sucks all the low ends and volume out of the bass. you simply get lost. i do have a feeling that flea would have modified his pedal to be able to eliminae this problem and im am sure anyone with the apropriate knowledge and skills would also be able to do that. shame i dont have those. i will be looking on the net to see what others have done ect. just too see if there is anything i can do to save this pedal that has great potential.


Havnt had a problem. got it second had off ebay and still nothing wrong. It does how ever have a little problem turning on some time. not at all a worry though.

General Comments

like i said potential great pedal, just have to save the volume and low-ends on bass. it really is a one trick ponny though. if you want something more versitial buy the Q-tron, that what i will buy if i get rid of this. still great price for these. i do expect them to go up in the years a head. I wouldnt buy another one if something happened, just get the Q-tron.

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