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Sound Quality

This thing has only two problems with its sound. However, those problems are its distortion and wah. I've heard that the new 2.00 upgrade is supposed to have fixed the wah problem, but the od's are just so thin and weak. Even eq changes don't help too much (speaking of which, do any of you understand 4-band parametrics?). There's only one algorithm using the much more user friendly 10-band graphic eq, but I've heard that 2.00 changed that too. The machine doesn't track too well when you use the pedal too quickly. You have to be smooth and a little slow to keep it from skipping or jumping (try using the pedal on Ethos Musik, patch 37, with any degree of speed, and you'll understand). everything else tho, delays, choruses, and especially reverbs (you could fit a herd of elephants inside that BigVerb), are top notch. Run it through your fx loop without the od's or wah, and it'll be perfect.


I bought it the day of a gig, along with a new Trace Elliot amp (ahh, graduation money), and it was performing better than the Trace. I love this thing, it's so reliable. At the gig, various people stepped on it, and introduced it to foreign liquids (coke, slurpee), and it's still at 100%. I only have a backup for the tuner, wah, and distortion (but I do most of the od through my Trace anyway).

General Comments

I'd probably give it a higher rating if the RP-12 hadn't come out fixing all of the 10's problems. Great overall, but I'd buy the RP-12 instead (that's why I'm getting the upgrade). If you've got the money, tho, go with the new BOSS thing instead.

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