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Sound Quality

After using this pedal for 5 months, I still can’t believe my ear. This pedal is capable of copying almost every sounds I’ve heard. I don’t really familiar with tube sound, but the fact is, I can copy sounds of many famous guitarists which I believe using tube sounds. All of distortions in the drive-amp block are useful, compare to RP2000 or GFX 8 which I found only some of their distortions are useful. Surprisingly korg has complete distortion, from blues to deathmetal, SRV to Metalica. So, no need external distortions. That’s because they modelled effects instead of amps. That’s all we need, isn’t it ?? a box full of useful effects which way too expensive to buy seperately. Some of the reviewers said that the disto isn’t sound good through headphone, I agree, but I solve this by using the ambience at proper settings (using echo+plate with 31ms time, 0 fback, 8 to 10 tone, 10 echo, and 4.0 reverb). I don’t use modulation much, but they are there when i need them. It has nice and warm chorus, flanger and phaser (i wish there was a mix balance between dry and effected sound) . Good awah, filtorn is fun to play with, lovely tremolo (i use this with delay to create repeated auto volume swell). I can live with its wah pedal (‘coz I rarely using it). Talk pedal is fun, Ring mod is nice to vary my play if (use it properly). Tap delay, I still don’t how to I use it in real life. The Sampler and metronome help me a lot improving my skill. Wow, this awesome pedal fulfill all my needs.


Surely you can depend on something covered with metal.

General Comments

Like I said, Ive been using this awesome pedal for five months. No regrets. Infact Im proud of using this pedal. I noticed some of pro guitarplayer in my country using this pedal on their gigs.

Ive recommended many of my guitaris friends to try this pedal. Its a complete mfx.

If it were stolen, hell Im goirng to kill the man. Surely I will buy it again and again. Its a must buy pedal.

This will be my precious collections.


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