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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

******* brilliant pedal, better than the ts. You can do all that bluesy, classic breakup thing but I like to push an already seriously pushed od channel with the bd. Man, straight into a early metallica type grind with little to zero noise. Not that thats the only way I use it - I'm grinning pretty much every time I kick it. I've got the byoc version of the ts as well so I'm going to use both and have one on all the time. You really need at least one of these on your board and for 34 uk ??, blimey!


Heavier than a boss, don't think a backup will be needed.

General Comments

all flavours of rock, playing for years, own a ******* ton of gear. This thing is cheap as chips, would absolutely buy it again, nothing I hate about it. Seriously, at this price, forget all that boutique bollocks and buy this.

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