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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I use, strats, les paul standards/customs, tele's, PRS, Ibanez, gretch, did I miss any good ones? Sound is solid with limited producers head for the tweek. The JMP-1 is what it is and is definately extremely good at producing a very large array/variety of musical and usable tones, especially when compared to other more current "plastic/aircraft aluminum" preamp gear. With the right components around (which admittedly I have some next to it that cost three times as much)...you can get many new and cool or classic recognized sonic landscapes straight to the mix. But first, you must know that any peice of gear is dependant on the user to find the optimal sound for thier tastes, if you know this you will not be dissapointed with this or many other unique gear as a stand alone. I agree with what many have submitted in this post regarding negative reveiws of gear such as this. To all those eager to say a certain pedal, amp, guitar, or friggen coffee cup, sounds or works like crap based on what is obviously an extremely poor understanding of what it takes to find "your sound". Say one of these simpering impatient limited vision dudes is really into a particular guitar hero, plug them into his stage rig and turn them loose, most likely, they will have it sounding "like crap" in minutes with a wrong turn of this dial or that. Might be fun (if not slightly sad and sadistic) to watch them sweat. Great sound is all about balance. It more often than not begins with compromise (no matter how expensive, basic, cheap, flexible the gear is). You can take any set up and make it sound bad, often it's actually about tuning out what sounds bad to your ears until you have tuned in what sounds badass. This seems fundamental to me and obviously this sentiment is shared by those who are talking sense in these reveiws. In summary, I'll quote the immortal Jerky Boys: "Open your f*&kin ears jackass!" Or go on complaining when you turn to the preset that is named after Steve Via on that little unit you just took out of the box and cry like a school girl when it does not sound "just like that guy".


Owned mine for over 10 years, purchased when it came first came out, when it was new and risky. Never had a single issue and it was partially submerged in water once.

General Comments

Been playing for more than 25 years. I am a producer with an independant label, performer, and studio musician. Would replace in a heartbeat, as part of overall guitar preamp collection...just sounds good and have to have it. Grab one on e-bay for $300.00 if you have any doubts.

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