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Sound Quality

Dude, this guitar is the coolest thing I've ever played. I knew it would be, but not until you get a chance to really go nuts with it do you see its versitility. I mean, not only does it function as a 60's electric 12 string, its got treble boost, fuzz, repeater and a hand wah. There's also an E-tuner which is whatever. Mine is broken and only plays a G. No big loss. Like I've said before, the treble boost is surprisingly the most bad*** effect on the thing. It helps old little tube amps that are notoriously dark to really cut. The fuzz is sick, even better w/ the boost and w/ the repeater and wah its just floating in velcro fart land. There is a tendency for the guitar to feedback when all the effects are in--perfect! What I love about this guitar is that someone in the 60's had the balls to make something that was capable of really just blowing you away and they didn't hold back. I could see a pedal manufacturer now shying away from the kind of sonic decemation this thing can create.


This guitar seems really solid and it feels like a solid, good guitar. That being said, I don't want to try out anything that will really test the limits of its construction. Its too heavy to move around a whole bunch but still it feels solid and like a great guitar. I'm going to hold on to it for a long long time.

General Comments

If anyone out there is looking for something special, this guitar is that. I've been playing guitar for the last 13/14 years and I feel that only now have I really found the sound I've been looking for. Total relic, buy them now, they will not be cheap in the future and they will not be easy to find. There is no way to reproduce this guitar--none. Total champ.

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