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Sound Quality

I went to gtr ctr to test out Acoustic guitars in the $600 range and checked out the Tacoma and the Larrivee. The Tacoma sounded good but the Larrivee sounded really good. I then compared the D-03 to several high priced Martins (D28, and Merle Haggard model) and Taylors. I really thought the Larrivee sounded and played better. The Merle Haggard is a 3500 guitar. The D-03 has rich bass and chimy highs and was set up perfectly. I've been playing guitar professionally for 35 years but have never had a good acoustic. To my ears, this is a great sounding guitar.


No idea.

General Comments

Been playing 40 years. I'm really an electric player. I wanted a good acoustic for recording and for $600 I don't know if I could get a better sounding guitar. As I said earlier, this guitar sounded better to my ears than the $2000 and up Martins.

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