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epiphone Dot Deluxe Archtop Electric Guitar with Gold Hardware

Sound Quality

I play alot of blues and this guitar fits it perfact. hell it can fit into any styles includeing metal witch is weird haha. i play it through a Vox amp. I bought the guitar used and i got it for a steal of 300 bucks and the pickups and severl other of the crappy cheap products were replaced and my pickups were swaped with some Gibson pickups and it sounds sweet much better than the other ones ive played at stores makes a world of differance the tone is amazing!


Ive played this guitar live before and it sounded great so if you are wondering if they hold up trust me it sounds fantastic... alot of the factory hardware was replaced on my dot before i bought it including the tuners,pickups,pickguard,and the bridge and it really makes the world of difference in the guitar with the changes its a completly reible guitar but since ive olny ever played a factory one just for a bit i cant really tell

General Comments

Ive been playing for 4 years and this is my main guitar i love the tones you can get out of it i love every bit of it...if it was lost or stolen i would cry my heart out cause id have to spend a fourtone to get a new one and get it upgraded... this guitar sounds feels and looks like a gibby 335 or even a little better in my own mind if u change some things...one word of advise to anyone looking to buy this guitar is use some thicker strings ur sustain and tone will sound great and another thing is to do the "texas stringing method" witch is where you String the string backwards and wrap it around the tail peice instead of stringing it through stright makes any guitar with a tailpeice sound a world better sustain is great and it hardly goes out of tune this way just a bit of advise

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