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Traveler Guitar Speedster Travel Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

The Speedster sounds awsome and fits my style the pickup kinda reminds me of a tele nice twang to it. I play it through my Vox AD50VT and it sounds great nice rich and full tone.


Ive actully played this guitar live once and it holds up well i was reculent to play it live because of the size but i figured if its such a great guitar why not play it? its no different just a bit smaller... I think the hardware will last tuners stay in tune very well...the back strap button is kinda a ***** to work around you cant fit it with locking strap buttons because of the size and after a bit of playing on it and moving around it will come unscrewed and if ur not careful ull drop the SOB

General Comments

Ive been playing for about 5 yrs now i own a epi dot and a Vox amp and other hodgepodge of guitars and equipment...if it was lost or stolen i would cry like crazy this was the first real guitar that i bought on my own so it has a huge sentemental value let alone its a great guitar for the price...I love the sound and feel of the guitar the worst thing about it is that stringing it is a pain in the *** and i always end up cursing the hell out of the guitar...I personally think that this is one of the best and most unique guitars out there for the money i really dig not haveing a headstock it lets u stand out a bit i love this guitar!!!

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