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Sound Quality

It has no sound of its own so to speak.


The thing is a tank. Mine has been dropped, kicked, had huge cabs dropped on it, beered on, puked on, wiskeyed on, rained on, snowed on, in 95+ weather and in below 20 weather. The cover on the program number led went a long time ago and is rattleing around inside the thing somewhere but you dont really need it for anything. The wall wort also crapped a long time ago and im using some mutation of a new one. Now heres the crap of the peddal. everyone raves about the expression peddals and all but they suck! big time! who though it would be a good idea to make a super rugged metal peddal with tiny flimsy plastic held on only in one place photo reading expression peddals. mine havent worked since the second show i was at with it cuz the plastic things get bent and ripped and wrinkled and dont read, or dont go in front of the receptor or in one case on mine, it doens even exist anymore! why not just make a good ol pot like other expression peddals that work!

General Comments

works well with my nightbass, but when i hgave the analog equipment to rid myself of both, i will.

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