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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Best fucking metal Humbucker Hot [Tone] Really Agressive, Bassy and middy , but can kick your ass at the same time [Sonic evaluation] Jackson Warrior Xt with a crate Dx b somthing worst fucking amp ever but these humbuckers make it sound alot fucking better ( i have been playing 6 yrs) The humbuckers can give you a signuter sound that you need [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] I play in a Death/Thrash metal band Only good for Bridge postion


General Comments

[Comments] If this humbucker where destroyed or stolen i would cut that sons of bitch nut sack and let him bleed to death, brcause this is the best {censored}ing humbucker ever they kick An EMG ass Anytime of the {censored}ing week, This humbucker is good for metal And nothing eles you understand it's only in the name, But if you want to put some clean sounds into your music you might want to switch to the necy humbucker because you aint going to get a {censored}ing clean sound out of this bitch

Keep {censored}ing rocking mother{censored}ers



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