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Sound Quality

I think it has a very clean flanger sound. Not to say to anyone that this thing is tame. I just mean that it's a controled sound that it doesnt clip, get distorted with too much flanging effect. I like all the different sounds I have made it do. Just experiment with this thing. LOOK INSIDE IT. 3 turnable things.


I havent broken it yet. I have done everything to this beast and it is still with me. For some time now the box has been yellow and it was called the Mexican Alien. Now I have painted the box purple again and re-installed the effect in the box and adjusted the sound to sound like an actuall flanger again. So I would vote this a realiable pedal, I couldnt do without it on stage.

General Comments

What could you do without this one.

I still say it;s better then the BF-3 they have now. They shouldnt have discontinued the BF-2

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