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Sound Quality

I'm using the SGX at the center of a rack set-up. The unit's output is split into 3 stereo outputs into a mixer with an alesis midiverb on the effects loop of the mixer, a lexicon mpx 100 on the effects loop of the SGX, and the output of the mixer feeding into a compressor, then an EQ, then into a EV 300 w. power amp.Four EV proline speakers in an old Marshall slant cab wired stereo are at the end of the line.I don't use any factory settings without tweeking them from a little to a lot.The real beauty of this box is the versatility of it.You can get almost any sound you can think of once you figure it out.It surprises me ART bothered with so many pre-sets. Most are good,though for me,many are worthless.There's something for most everyone here distortion-wise but for really distorted stuff I use a Boss Metalzone.Most settings are quiet, I record with it. I run everything in stereo and use the X-15 floor controller with the SGX and the other effects boxex as well.


Other than a scratchy jack that needed some wire brush work I've had no problems.

General Comments

I own two of them, and though they have been discontinued they are still avalible from ART.I've been playing 30 years and it's one of the best for the the price if you want to go stereo.The flanges and the reverbs are not as good as the midiverb or the mpx 100's but the rest works very well, I use the phaser on keyboard tracks. It could use tap-tempo and/or a MIDI clock in. At mp3.com/mitchellmorgan I have some songs you can check out-every guitar sound on it[and some keyboards] came out of an SGX 2000

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