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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Played with a IBZ AS200; Rockinger Mahagoni Strat; Fame Forum III; Kramer Focus; IBZ SA. I play in a Cover Rock Band with 5 hours of program and giging once or twice a week. The Fender and the Vox Modellings are good period. Clean and Drive they are very close to the originals! NICE! The Marshall Moddelings are good, but only over the headphone out. over the speaker they are muddy. I had to take out the bass completeley and turn Mid and Treble to 8 or 9 to get somthing of good sound. The Rektumfrier Modeling is ok. The Soldano Simulation is again too muddy, you need to teke out the 200hz and add at 2khz with a separate EQ. Than it is usable (similar to the marshall sim. The clean Dumble is good, the overdriven is acceptable. The Efects-section is very good. I whish one could turn on and off the effects with a footsitch.


Well this the worst part of the story. I had to return the amp twice! The first had obviously some cold soldering joints, the second had what ever he had - he sounded complete like a garbage can. The third sounded as described above.

General Comments

Actually a good design. The smaller ones and the larger ones sounded good. Buth the AD50VT can only be used for Fender and Vox Modellings.

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