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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Off the scale! (Official from Seymour Duncan site) Out of everything I have ever played this blows the balls off the rest. It has enough power to wake the dead! [Tone] Balanced bass and treble with screaming mids. No matter how many distortion pedals and effects you put on it still retains all its tone! [Sonic evaluation] Maverick F3 --- Effects Board --- Marshall TSL100 --- Marshall 1936 [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] Beautiful for any shred work and also for almost all kinds of hard rock throught o metal. If you crank down on the gain you can get a sweet crunch sound a la AC\DC and if you crank it right it....well...it sustains like anything, wails like a banshee and drives like a juggernaut. Unsuitable - Clean sounds! Trust me...there aren't any! But that isn't important when you want metal sounds!


General Comments

[Comments] If it were destroyed or stolen i'd buy 10 more just incase. Been playing for 9 years or so. No real hates but can't give it 10 beacuse it has no clean tone. This is the sound for metal players. You can chuck those distortion pedals right away! EMG81's....eat your heart out!!!



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