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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] THE hottest p-90 i think has ever been created [Tone] its a p-90, so the mids just shoot out at you (more on this later later) [Sonic evaluation] im playing this strat direct into my marshall AVT-150, an amp that has turned out to be an acquired taste. i use the effects in the amp sometimes, but usually just turn the gain up and go! [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] this is the ska punk pickup. it has the best mix of everything, and i'm sure it'll crank hard for any distorted tones.


General Comments

[Comments] ok, time for the fun part. p-90's are known for a really midrangy sound, but they are also known as one of the most versatile picups ever created. Thats why this picup is so cool. it way overwound for a crazy dc resistence. actually, about the same as the invader its replacing, and like 2k more than the duncan distortion i have in another guitar. that means that some of the treble inherent in a single coil picup is lost, but there is a whole lot of midrange still, and an increase in low frequency response. i like this a whole lot because i have trouble pulling out mids with my amp, especially from the humbuckers i have in all my other guitars, but i still need a lot of bass response because i play with just a bridge picup in all my guitars. when i play alone, i lose some "umph," but then when i play with my band my guitar just jumps out of the mix so much more.

the clean sounds i am getting are also so great. i though i had found the end all clean wtih my tele, but even that dosent compare with this p-90.

my other guitars are a tele that now has a hot rails, a dean ML standard with a duncan distortion, an ibanez destroyer with an invader.

if one of my other guitars needed another picup for some reason i would get something different to experiment, but not with the custom p-90. i'll always have at least one guitar with one of these in it. the only problem is the fact that its noisy as all getout. i cant leave the distortion channel on while im not playing, or its really noisy, BUT, it dosent feed back like the stock tele i had did. i can deal with noise, but not feedback, not with the gain all the way up like i have it.

lets see what else. . .

i can finger tap with this picup, then i can shred, then i can finger pic a single note country line. this picup is made to rock though, and it does it with authority. and I'll tel you what, my strat is the coolest looking guitar ive ever seen. because ive never seen a strat wtih a p-90.

OH AND ANTOHER THING. when i put this picup in my strat, i had trouble getting it straight in the humbucker rout. so i took the padding from the box the picup came in, and i folded it over and put it under the picup. it worked better than a spring, so there you go.

now im just rambling, so this picup is getting a 9. i love the sound so much, but its just noisy. stay positive, my fellow gearheads! see you on the flipside.



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