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Sound Quality

Havent seen ANYTHING made to date that sounds as good..live or studio. Has ANY effect you could possibly want or need. Works well with all quality tube amps that Ive put it through.


This is why it's not made anymore: Unfortunately, although the outside metal casing was bullet-proof, on the inside we have a major problem. Common sense tells us that if we place 3 12AX7 tubes too close to a printed circut board, the heat will crack the board after a while. This is prevelant on ALL of these units, and was the reason for their demise. Its a real shame, as I said, nothing Ive seen since can touch the sounds this thing can generate.

General Comments

Playing now for 33 years, and have (or had), most everything ever made at one point. Im really dissapointed this unit isnt still being made (with the above being corrected), as NOTHING can even compare (excepting an Eventide), but those are soooo expensive.

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