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Peter Schuhmacher

Digital Music Corp MX-8 MIDI Patchbay/Processor

Sound Quality

As the device is in no way responcible for the sounds (timbres) that you hear (it only sends and routs musical information such as pitch, volume, and duration to your sound modules) its fine. Latency is minimal, as that is the whole point of using the device.


Quite reliable, yet as I speak the unit has just thrown a 'wobbly'. I think its time to open it up and look for a memory battery... I use it without dramas to control two computers, one drum machine , a guitar to midi interface , drum pads, synthe, and real time filtering and timed FX (lights too).


General Comments

I'm a studio opperator and teacher. It works fine and has usefull filtering capabillities. Watch relying on the Midi style delays and expression FX as they suck the speed out of your data transfers. They are still usefull for that 'one off' effect though. The only other unit I consistantly work with is a Kawai 4 in 8 out with sliders. This MX-8 is far more flexable

Reviewer's Background

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