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crate V Series V18-112 18W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

im using this with an ibanez sz720 and a digitech hardwire metal distortion pedal. i play metal, so i needed the pedal to with it. no noise whatsoever. i leave it on for hours, and sometimes forget that its on. the amp alone gets decent clean, decent breakup, decent classic rock distortion. havent tried it cranked up too loud, but i bought it as a practice amp, so im probably not gonna crank it, thats why i got an 18 watt rather than a 50 watt, or another 100 watt tube head.


it seems pretty dependable, but who knows. i havent had it that long, and i dont intend on abusing it or gigging with it.

General Comments

been playing about 11 years. i have owned tons of gear. if it were lost or stolen, i would probably buy it again for the same purpose that I bought it for this time around. i wish it had a warmer tone. sounds pretty cold. maybe i need to bias it. didnt really compare it to anything else. i saw tube 18 watt 112 combo for 150 and tried it out. it is what it is, nothing great, nothing terrible...its a practice amp. say what you will about crate, but i thought this was a deal...especially since i wasnt really looking for killer tone in a living room practice amp.

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