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Sound Quality

i play soft country/indie to garage rock and effects laden spacemen 3 or brian jonestown massacre music. This thing handles it all. if you want a deep warm sound - great if you want to play rhythm like the sub-machine gun stle 'What goes on' (VU) then it's got that sctrachy sound too. i plugged a '77 telecaster, '67 gretsch country gent and '66 Gretsch 6120 to the same amp/same settings (fender vibrolux) and teh guild sounded more pwerful and bright than any other. with the useof pedals this guitar will allow you to play soft JJ Cale blues, Marychain feedback squalls and basic cool indie/garage rock. plus the tone controls are so cool you can paly a note and using the tome almost make a wah-wah sound.


i believe it will stand well with live playing. bascially, it's solid as a rock.

General Comments

playing 15 years, always used a tele. my only problem is that in 15 years i didn't get one of these before.


if stolen i'd go after the same model, but i think i'd find it hard to find one so great it would be a nitemare.


i chose it cos it's cheaper than a 335 and apparently pretty much a better instrument. my mate paid the same amounbt for a 335 made in the '90s!!


best feature, plug in the hot tubes, delay and trem and walk toward your amp for the most perfect sounding feedback ever.


also, from owning this guitar within weeks my blues playing has improved immeasurably!


it also has a master volume as well as the others - nice feature.



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