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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

My Setup is: Guitars: Warlock BC Rich (with Gibson LP Standard Pickups) Richwood LP Pro Series Amp: Stinger (a 150w tube amp of Proel) Effects: Marshall JFX 1 Tuning: Korg DTR 2 Noisegate: Rocktron Hush II CX The JMP1 fits in perfectly in my collection and makes a damn good sound. I use it that way, that i put my guitar into the DTR, he goes to the Hush, this one again goes into JFX, JFX to JMP and after JMP my Stinger. The only problem is that the JMP is damn noisy, but seems only with my amp, with an JCM 900 there isnt any problem. Distorsions and Clean sounds of the Unit are amazing, because of the Tube, thats generating true Marshall Sounds (in my opinion one of the best in world) The sound Im able to get is damn similair to "Godfather of Hardrock" Slash (GNR), Motörhead, Iron Maiden and if I turn the JMP really up, and combine it with my Warlock, it even sounds a bit like Kerry Kings (Slayer) sound. The good thing about this unit is also that it has no other Effects except of Distorsion and Clean, thats exactly what I need, because the Effects, the JFX is doing. 9 Points -> because of the Noise, but as I said its probably only with my Amp.


Reliability is TOP ... I even played a lot of Gigs without my Amp only with the JMP directly into the PA, and it sounds damn great too. Never using any backup, cause there is no need for.

General Comments

I play true old Hard Rock as Guns N' Roses with my band, with a little portion of Metal, and this unit exactly fits my needs.


I also compared this unit until now with some Zoom's or Digitechs, but the true sound only JMP brings out.


So if I where a new potential customer of a Preamp, I would either by the JMP1 again, or the Mesa Boogie Triaxis.


Hope I helepd

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