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Sound Quality

sounds great like i said, i crank all the knobs all the way up to get a fast warbly tone. it sounds really good like that. kinda lake a phaser. didnt cause any noise that i know of. i run it through a pedalboard consisting of the following: BOSS BF-2, Small Stone phaser, BOSS CH-1, Big Muff, BOSS DS-1, ProCo RAT, A/B,Rocktek Tremelo, Ibanez Echomachine, DOD FX65, DOD FX25, Digitech xp-100, and a dunlop wah. i need to get a noise gate for all those!


looks pretty reliable. the footswitches on DOD's bite though

General Comments

Sounds great in my line up exactly what i wanted cuz i was getting sick of tweekin the knobs on my other pedals to get different sounds. i play KORN and stuff like that so i can use this alot!

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