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Sound Quality

I have never liked the way the A2 sounds running through an amplifier. The pre-amp was a bit noisy so I have used it almost exclusively running direct. Of course, that requires a controlled environment as far as stage monitors and what not. I NEVER use the on board compressor as I found it is the source of some of the noise problems. I am always in the market for new and improved products and I have gone shopping with intentions of replacing the A2. After twelve years it is still my primary piece of equipment. If you want to pay for it you can make your guitar sound better. However, it's going to be difficult to find any one piece of equipment that will replace the A2.


It would appear that the input on the face of the processor is prone to problems. After the sodder joints broke the first time I plugged into the input on the back of the unit. This lasted a while but I also had problems with that connection. I finally had a friend take it a part and fix both inputs. I have always tried to take the load off the input by looping the guitar cord under my rack box so there is no stress on the input itself. However, that only delays the inevitable. Other than that the A2 has to be considered a work horse. I have flown it all over the place, and while I have had rack boxes split and broken by airlines, the A2 has always started when you turn the key.

General Comments

I play what ever style the job calls for, if necessary, I run an A/B switch and have my acoustic and electric guitar available. It does a good job with both. As far as other gear, I played a KSBJ radio station anniversary concert at Lakewood church in Houston some years back. When the job was over I had a guy there that bought all the equipment I used that night (reverb, roland delay, distortion, misc., and a big, heavy box). I bought the A2 the next day and have been using it ever since. I had a lot of problems flying equipment with airlines breaking stuff. I put the A2 in my suitcase between my cloths...I've never had a problem. The addition of the Nashville Card was a real plus. The rock & roll distortions are much better and there are a number of acoustic guitar sounds that are nice. The Nashville Card is a must. If my A2 ever goes down I'm going to be in trouble. I have become very spoiled by its ease of use and quality sounds.

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