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Sound Quality

I have three electric guitars. One is a 7 string ibanez GIO, another is a WG-587 7 string washburn and the other is BT-2 Washburn that I bought from the store for 40 bucks because it was "broken." All I had to do was replace some of the electronics and re-sodder the pickups, works like a dream! All the guitar's pickups are stock..umm, can't think of anything else. Anyways, I play everything from jazz and blues to metal and fushion. The amp's natural OD channels are great for jazz and blues and light rock. But it's not good for metal, and it was never intended to be. Use an effects pedal if you want metal sound(which it does fine with btw ^^). I have a BOSS DS-1 Distortion pedal and I use it to boost the amps OD chennel. With the gain on the amp at 3 and the dist. level on the DS-1 at 5, I can get an almost steve vai-like lead tone out of this thing. It's sweet beyond words. As for noise? Pfft... You NEVER turn the gain to 10! That's basically the only time you get excess noise out of this bad boy. Sure you'll have some 60 cycle hum but you'll get that on any amp. There's never any static or noise while I'm playing through it. As i've said before, this amp is good for things like blues and jazz and some rock. But not for metal on it's own, you'll need to buy an effects pedal to get metal. Fine for rythm and lead parts. The clean channel will distort at higher volumes with humbucker pickups. I wish it didn't though :(. But it gets PLENTY loud before it distorts. If you wanna get louder without distorting use single coil pickups, I was able to get the volume to about 8 before it started farting. But my eyes were bleeding by then from the loudness...moral of the story, don't play louder than you have to. Brutal distortion? It definently has enough low end for rythm parts and a good amount of bite for some crispy leads. But if you want to get a more metal-sound you'll need an effects pedal.


Heck yes I can depend on it. I bought it from the store used. It's been all over the place, it's never been dropped, but I'm pretty sure it would survive. It's built like a tank! Gigging without a backup? Ummm...no...you should never do that with any equipment no matter how reliable it is. I have been doing so for about 5 months now and it's never crapped out on me though...but with my luck it's only a matter of time ^_^.

General Comments

I've been playing for a couple of years now, and if anyone stole this amp...I'd ask them to help me find a replacement and then we'd both rock out on one of the BEST 30 watt amps ever :)!!!

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