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Sound Quality

I use the Qadraverb in the effect loop on a Marshall JMP-1 preamp, and from the JMP, through an Marshall Dual Monoblock 9200 to two Marshall 1922 (2x12" Celestion G12T-75) cabinets. I use Gibson Les Paul, Epiphone ES335, and Fender Stratocaster Guitars. It is not so noisy, The effects i use (delay, rev, chorus) are sounding very nice. I get the sound i want from this setup


Looks like some lines in the display have died, but it looks solid built - and its placed in a solid RAck box, If it died during a gig, i would not have too much trouble i think. The PA guy fix the fx i use on the PA But it will not let me down....

General Comments

It is a good unit, I play general rock, and Blues - comparet to other stuff, I cannot complain about this unit at all. it is midicontrolled, and that counts a lot for me - and it is not so noisy.


I played for 30 years in different settings. I own Marshall amps, and fender, gibson, epiphone guitars, an Roland Cube amp for practice


If it was stolen or lost, I would get another one, but they are getting harder to find used - they dont make them anymore.

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