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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Fairly high, can be kept far from the strings and still let you dial in high gain distortions [Tone] This pickup was designed with scooped mids, and you can really tell it once you're plugged. Very trebly. [Sonic evaluation] I use this guitar with three amps: 1) Mesa/Boogie TriAxis pre - Mesa/Boogie 20/20 poweramp 2) Marshall Valvestate 8100 head 3) Rexx 602 pre - Marshall VS8008 poweramp All of them are hooked up to a Marshall 8412 4x12 cabwith Celestion speakers. As mentioned above this pickup is very trebly, so you will end up with unusual tone settings, for example you'll probably crank the mids more than you would do with other pickups. It also sounds way bette with distortions than with clean sounds. With bright amps (like the Marshall I have) it sounds like shit, piercing and inconsistant unless you back off quite all the treble and crank bass and mids all the way up. With the TriAxis it sound amazing, the tone is very present and biting. It lets you dial in good Rock/Metal tones, and even at crazy gain levels the sound stays very articulate and definite, ideal for shredding. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] This pickup definitely works well @ the bridge hooked up to a cranked hi gain amp. Mainly for Rock/Metal players and shredders


General Comments

[Comments] I definitely love the sound of this pickup, even if it has a little too much character. If it were somehow lost I think I would buy it again or would try the Tone Zone 7.

To anybody who may be considering buying this pickup I would suggest to get a guitar with this pickup installed (Music Man Petrucci, Ibanez JPM) and try it. It sounds alot different from the average pickups available on the market.



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