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Sound Quality

I have a couple of Ovation guitars and a Oscar Schmidt hollow body electric that I amplify with a small 15W acoustic guitar amp. I use the notch filter on the Acoustec to help reduce feedback from the body cavity resonance and it works pretty well. Along with a little noise gate, it keeps my sound clean and less like its amplified. One of my Ovations is old enough that it has the preamp without built-in tone controls. So even if I bypass the effects on the pedal, I use the EQ feature to round out the tone a bit. The delay effect is good quality and the modulation effects (Chorus, Flange, Phaser, Tremolo, Pitch Shifter, Detune) all do as you'd expect thought they have limited range of adjustment. The Reverb effect sounds very "canned" compared to other products on the market. I would like a bit more control over the individual effects. I use the chorus more than any of the others and the speed is varied in steps rather than continuous rate adjustment. It would be nice to have control over the effect level relative to direct guitar sound and store that with the setting. I've customized about 6 settings that I've stored for use in performance and like them all. They only use a small portion of what the pedal is capable of doing, but they help shape the sound of my guitars and amp and manage to do it in a relatively small, portable package.


I've only had the pedal for a couple of days, but it's hasn't done anything that would concern me. One of the things that attracted me to this pedal is that I've never had a DOD pedal fail unless I totally abused it.

General Comments

I purchased the pedal used and have found it to be a good value. It has more effects than I like to use on my acoustic guitars. The ones I typically use (some EQ, light chorus, delay) all work well and have reasonably good sound. If I ever need to replace it I might audition a couple of more expensive pedals to decide if there's a better overall sound for me in small, portable package.

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