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Sound Quality

I think the philosophy behind this effect is completely wrong, the EQ should be between the preamp stage and the power stage of your amp, not in front of it. With this pedal you're actually altering the character of your guitar (tone and volume), which may still be interesting to get new sounds or simply to give a boost to the guitar's signal if it didn't add this typical flat "BOSS" tone. When I had this pedal I was using the following rig: Ibanez 540S w DiMarzio Evolution @ bridge & Seymour 59 @ neck Brunetti mc2 all tube combo I bought this pedal hoping that it would help me to defeat some of the midrangey character of the amp, but it sucked. It just added noise and mud, backing off the basses I got an awful weak tone, and worst than all it made my hard-earned all tube amp sound like the crappy LANEY solid state amp I used to own when I was younger.... No way, it had to go. I traded it for a Quadraverb plus, which worked WAY better thanks to its EQ stage (this time connected in series with the amp's FX loop). I had an OD2 pedal in the past and that worked good for the application (Distortion), and I think that BOSS has made better pedals than this one, as I told above I think that the whole concept behind this pedal is wrong.... It is processing the tone too early in the chain.... Anyway it sucked, even leaving it flat drained all the feeling out of my amp!


I had it for 2 months so can't really tell, anyway BOSS pedals are known as life-lasting products.... If u can stand 'em for a lifetime!

General Comments

Give it a try if u are searching for different tones, but don't expect it to work as an EQ. It is actually processing the tone too early in the chain, it just adds noise, muddiness and solid statey feeling.

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