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Sound Quality

I bought this guy when I was younger because it was cheap and I just needed something small, with a distortion and a few other FX. It was 1993 or so. I used to plug it in a Laney GC30 solid state combo (crap) and play it with a (crappy) cheap Washburn guitar. It sounded good at first, but the more experienced I got the more I noticed its limitations. I must say that this unit's sound is digital. The clean sounds are not too bad, especially if u plug it in a solid state amp, and also the FX quality (Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Comressor, Noise Gate)is not that shitty considering the price. What really sucks is the crunch/lead sounds. When I was an electronic student I built an OD pedal with a couple of germanium transistors and a couple of diodes, that sounded MUCH better!! It sounds very synthetic, no feeling at all! Another shitty thing is that u can't really tweak the FX. U can't vary the Delay tempo, the Chorus/Rotary speed is bound to the mix level, u can't turn on compression with distortion, U can't have Delay AND Reverb together because they are set on the same knob, the same goes with Chorus/Rotary/Flanger. The guy here is not very noisy though, and with the built-in noise gate you can get rid of the hum you may encounter. This unit was good when I was a child, now that I own a Mesa TriAxis/TC Electronic G-Major/Mesa 20/20 rig it looks like a cheap toy. Which that is, I think.


I've had it for almost 10 years, I have gigged it a very lot for at least 3 years, kicked it, let it fall several times, dripped beer and liters of other liquids inside, once I even had my combo (which weighted around 20 Kg) falling on it from 1 meter heigth, and after all it refused dying! I haven't turned it on in the last 5 years, but I'd swear that if I would it'd still be alive and kicking. The only issue I've had is that I had to replace the plug on the AC adapter's cable, but that's a minor issue and I think it also depended on the (mis)use I've done of this unit. Very, very dependable, if u can find a use for it.....

General Comments

No matter what music style you're playing.

This unit is a cheap toy. I think it'd be better used by a singer to add compression/reverb to the voice than with a guitar. In effect this guy was probably designed for the wrong application.

Really useless, unless you wanna play GN'R "Knocking On Heaven's Door" initial arpeggio all the time.... But then I'd consider quitting with guitar....

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