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Sound Quality

My setup consistr of: Triaxis TC electronic G-Major (since 3 days ago!) Mesa 20/20 power amp Ibanez RG 7 strings w stock pickups Ibanez 540S with DiMarzio Evolution (bridge) & Seymour 59 (neck) Before you read what I stated below please keep in mind that this is just my opinion, and before you judge such a piece of equipment you'd better give it a try and make your own idea of it. I wanted to try this preamp because it is one of the most expensives/most famous/most wanted guitar gears and so I wanted to be sure before I told my own. Anyway, what I think about it is that all these guys telling you that this unit is versatile and can handle every style are just lying to themselves because they just wanna believe that all the money they've spent is worth it. People out there, the distortion you'll get from this guy is nothing but VIOLENCE!! Even @ lower gain settings the tone you get sounds like as if Angus Young were trying to play "Master of puppets" with his crappy Marshalls.... If you're looking for Metallica-like distortions don't waste money with Sans-Amp or Line6 gear just save some money and buy this one, you'll spend the rest of your life thanking God for it! On the counterpart, if you're just looking for something with less character or justfor a more general-purpose dist (or worse, if you're looking for the meaningless Marshall sounds), go ahead and buy Marshall, this is not for u. Don't get me wrong, I love heavy distortions and that's why I bought this preamp, anyway I know that lots of people out there just thinks different, and I wanted to make them aware of the risks. I've owned a lot of stuff, including the acclaimed-without-reason POD PRO, and the only thing I can say is that this thing sounds REAL! It has a lot of dynamics, even at higher gain levels you can back your guitar's volume knob and play "Stairway to heaven"'s arpeggio! Clean channels are good and versatile anyway, and you can easily vary from dark, warm sounds to sparkling tones a la John Frusciante. The only defect I could find to this unit is that the channel switching is a little bit too slow.... Especially when switching from clean to dist channels.... That is a bit annoying, but I easily forgive it to a gear that can deliver such a killer tone! Rate: 10 It does just one thing, good for me that it's what I wanted!!


Boring to answer..... In no way I will gig with tube stuff without a solid state backup amp (which luckily I have), on the other hand I have to say that Mesa stuff have never let me down. And my Triaxis was built in 1992.... That says it all! Rate: 10 Simply unbelievable!

General Comments

I've been playing for 11/12 years. I've owned a lot of stuff, solid state, tube and digital amp modeling.


This is what I've always wanted. It has a lot of features also.

So it deserves a 10 in my opinion.


Anyway, please don't keep my review as the Holy Bible, if you're really interested in the Triaxis (or any other guitar gear) go ahead and try it, it's always worth it. No one's ear is like your ear, and, more than this, no one has your own sensibility.


As per me.....


Rate: 10 I couldn't figure myself playing without it.

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