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Sound Quality

As a wah pedal it's been a total delusion. The wah effect is too weak and too linear, it sounds more like The "Dynamic Filter" from BOSS (which sounded better anyway) than a wah. I also hate the on/off system they have developed, it needs too much strength and it looks weak (and it died eventually). Better buy a Cry Baby, or a Bad Horsie if u can stand the optical engagement system (which I don't). As a volume pedal it is too expensive and because they implemented a different technology in the pedal (capacitive rather than resistive) your guitar tone is actually being "filtered" by the pedal. Really the worst of both worlds. It's a waste of money, u better save some and buy a Cry Baby pedal.


I remember that when this pedal was first released the sales guy in the stores pushed alot on the peculiar feature of this pedal, which is actually using a variable cacacitor instead than a potentiometer. This should introduce a far better reliability in the pedal (no scratchy sounds and no need to replace the pot after a while). In a way they were right, the variable capacitor is the only component that is still working on my unit..... The small pad which was engaging the on/off switch detached almost immediately, the jack plugs got usoldered several times, actually I'm no longer able to turn it on because the on/off button itself died. What a hunk of junk! I wouldn't even use it as a brick to throw against someone cuz I think it'll get more broken than it actually is. I'll give it a 4 just because it had just (millions of) minor failures.

General Comments

I used to play wah just a very little. This pedal made me refuse to use wah's anymore.


Worth nothing, less than nothing, for the tone it delivers it's not worth the money and if it were a gift it'd still be unusable due to reliability.


If it were stolen I wouldn't be bothered for the money, which is lost anyway because even if I fixed it once more no one but me would be fool enough to buy a non-Cry Baby used wah, but I'd feel sad because I woud have lost a reminder. The only thing to remind me that u always have to try before u buy, and that if a Cry Baby costs twice than a DOD pedal there may be a reason why.

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