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Sound Quality

Geez, it is loud!! I wouldn't expect all that volume from a 1 unit rack space power amp rated @ 22W/channel. It is louder than the Line6 Flextone head of the oher guitarist in my band, which is rated @ 150W! (the amp, not the guitarist :-) ). My setup consists mainly of: Mesa/Boogie TriAxis (THE poweramp! JMP1 sucks) Ibanez RG 7 strings Quadraverb 20/20 (of course) 2x12 Marshall 1922 cab I play a lot of stuff, Rock mainly. To be honest it sounds a bit thin and too mid-rangey/trebly for my tastes, anyway I'll try that "DEEP" mod as soon as the warranty will expire, I'll post another review then if it's worth it. It's not bad anyway, it's not difficult to find funky sounds a la John Frusciante yet it's good to play Petrucci-like distortions but I think that it depends largely on the preamp. With a REXX 602 preamp I created some good 80's-shred sounds a la Cacophony/Tony Macalpine (which definitely ain't the sound of the TriAxis). I'll give it an 8 beause it lacks some balls (which I hope to improve with the mod), otherwise I'd give it a 10.


Well, it is a tube amp so I wouldn't depend on it. Anyway I owned and currently own several Mesa pieces, I gigged them a few and they never failed on me. As a just-in-case I own a solid-state backup amp whih consists of a REXX 602 preamp and a Marshall 8008 power amp. Yes, it sounds different, but always better than a blown tube amp! Rate: 10 so far. I would never expect such a reliability from tube stuff.

General Comments

I've been playing for more than 10 years, I owned a lot of stuff, only the best stayed,and this piece will definitely stay. I think it's the best compromise between tone/size/weight available on the market, unless you wanna buy a blow-prone Marshall power amp.

If it were stolen I'd buy it again but would look for a used one (Why Mesa pieces have to cost THAT much???)


Rate: 8. It is almost perfect for my needs.

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